Yify Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – PS4

Sledgehammer Games created an opening that does everything a great first chapter is supposed to do: it welcomes you with bravado big budget offers control boards without much hand-holding, and sets the tone of the campaign. “Welcome to Call of Duty,” the first chapter seems to say. “Let’s show the other games how to make a correct entry. And while we’re at it, let’s test your subwoofer with bass explosion and vibration idling melodrama. “This is an introduction that begins the journey in wartime protagonist Jack Mitchell, played by Troy Baker. It starts as a US Marine, but after a catastrophic event during his first mission, he joined Atlas, a private military company led by generic called Jonathan Irons, who is played by Kevin Spacey-realistic rendering.

It has never been easier for a Call of Duty campaign to justify traditional globetrotting chapter by chapter in the series. When the Atlas Corporation services are sold to the highest bidder, each country is a fair game. That said, Mitchell’s story is not as clear as it seems; it is not just a Marine turned mercenary who travels where Irons told him. His tours offer a handful of memorable missions, including hunting intra-city man fast paced with Santorini and several escape sequences invigorating impulses. Even boastful tour of Kevin Spacey an Atlas facility is a nice golf cart ride on rails that would not feel out of place as an attraction at Epcot Center, though with much killing machines in the background.

Aside from the two imaginative chapter that begins the tutorial positive campaign, a mission that leaves a lasting impression is a tense stealth op that features prominently a grapple. This tool is especially unique in the country, and when you discover its capabilities beyond the crossing artificial structures, you can see why it was omitted in the multiplayer mode. Countless places not only work to minimize monotony, but also serve to showcase the talents of the artistic team of Sledgehammer in the war-torn urbanity, dark forests, sunny deserts. Visual Advanced Warfare are far from the exquisite detail of Metro Redux shooters; it would probably kill the smoothness of 60 frames per second of the game, which would be sacrilege of the series.

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