Yify Hitman The Complete First Season – PC

Looking back, that’s pretty much what we got. Hitman, like Blood Money before it, does have a story, but it’s a tale told in the margins—in post-mission cutscenes, overheard dialogue, and, later on, specific mission objectives that nonetheless follow the regular template. That’s good, because the template works. There is a target, or two, or four, each with their own routes and security. Your job, as bald killer clone 47, is to assassinate them.

You can, in many cases, just shoot your target and run away, hoping to reach the exit before the security team surrounds you. Doing so would be valid, but messy. 47 is a professional, and that means getting in and out with the minimum of fuss. Shootouts can be lethal—47 is far from invincible—but Hitman’s hardest, most satisfying challenge is taking out targets without being recognised. This is where disguises come in. 47 can take clothes from unconscious (or dead) NPCs, wearing them to blend in. Disguise as a waiter, and you’ll have access to a larger part of the level than a member of the public. Disguise as a security guard, and your access expands further still.

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